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Mic—In—Helix Hearing Instruments

The pinna carries out an important function by shaping the acoustic properties of sound entering the ear. These modifications serve to enhance the frequencies important for speech understanding as well as provide cues which allow our brain to decode, analyze and orient ourselves in the environment. When hearing is impaired, the natural boost in sounds provided by the pinna is often insufficient to ensure audibility of these essential cues. The obvious solution to this problem is to amplify those frequency regions important for speech perception to restore audibility. Hearing instruments, in general, do a good job of this, but often disrupt the cues provided by the pinna depending on the location of the sound inlet. As a result, the altered pinna cues can add to a perception that hearing instruments provide unnatural sound.

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Win Whittaker Still Finds Perfect Pitch In Mountains, Despite Hearing Loss

Win Whittaker wasn’t the first person to notice he was starting to lose something important. His wife, Sarah, brought it up about a decade ago, when the mountain guide was in his late 30s. Win Whittaker uses his watch to control his hearing aid while guiding on Mount Rainier. It seemed as though Whittaker was losing his hearing. He wasn’t so sure. He’d turned three of his passions — mountaineering, movies and music — into a career, and good hearing was important to all three. Whittaker wasn’t having issues guiding clients for Rainier Mountaineering Inc., making movies or performing music with his band, Wet Heat.

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How Have Wearables Expanded Access For People With Disabilities?

For example, Molly Watt, (, an Usher Syndrome sufferer and awareness advocate, has used hearing aids since she was a young child and officially registered as blind at the age of fourteen. Molly travels the world speaking about increasing accessibility options with her great guide dog, Unis. She utilizes the ReSound Smart™ app and her Apple Watch to help support her independent and active lifestyle – she can even adjust her hearing aids with one hand while still keeping a hand on her guide dog’s leash. Molly credits wearable technology with helping her feel safe and secure by increasing her environmental awareness, and empowering her to continue traveling and exploring new places even with her significant hearing and vision loss.

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Helping Those With Usher Syndrome Hear

21-year-old Molly Watt, a motivational speaker from the UK, and 32—year—old Michael Howard, an electrical engineer from Virginia, may not appear to have much in common. But Molly and Michael share one thing: both live with Usher Syndrome — a rare genetic condition that causes hearing and vision loss. Recently, both Molly and Michael were fit with ReSound LiNX2™ hearing aids to help address their hearing loss. Both have been blown away by how the top—rated sound quality and easy personalization offered by ReSound Smart Hearing has changed their lives.

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Don’t Let A Disability Stop You From Using Your Smartphone

As an expert mountain climber who guides clients at night up Mount Rainier in Washington state, Win Whittaker knows how critical it is to be able to listen for falling rock. Only Whittaker is hard of hearing, having gradually lost his hearing through the years because of the time he spent in a rock 'n' roll band and around fireworks.

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ReSound Returns To IFA

ReSound is pleased to announce its return to IFA, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany this week to demonstrate the company’s expanding portfolio of award-winning, innovative smart hearing technologies. Before the show opened to the public, ReSound’s smart hearing technology made a splash at IFA’s widely attended press events where

ReSound was awarded three ShowStoppers Envisioneering Awards for Innovation and Design, highlighting the company’s ongoing commitment to developing the world’s most innovative hearing technologies and making these solutions accessible to as many people as possible. These awards recognized the cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design of ReSound LiNX2™ and the ReSound Smart™ app.

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ReSound at CES 2016

This Year at CES 2016 ReSound Had The Opportunity To Meet With Reporters From Global News Outlets Including Consumer Reports Health Editor Sue Byrne And Ed Cara From Medical Daily.

When Consumer Reports Health Editor Sue Byrne tried on ReSound LiNX2 she said, "for someone like me with no hearing loss, it was like having super hearing." Byrne tested out the hearing aids and the ReSound Smart app while attending CES 2016. Even in a bustling convention atmosphere, she was able to hear the people speaking in front of her without being distracted by the chatter around her. Chief Audiology Officer, Laurel Christensen, spoke to Byrne about the personalized control saying, "This [ReSound Smart] app gives the user more control and more opportunity to be successful in getting the most out of a hearing aid."

ReSound was also proud to see ReSound LiNX2 as one of Medical Daily's standout assistive technologies from CES 2016. Science writer Ed Cara says ReSound's "latest line of "hearables" may very well represent the best technology of its kind on the market." Additionally, Chief Audiology Officer, Laurel Christensen, says, "These are not your grandfather’s hearing aids. These are teeny-tiny, discreet devices, they don't whistle anymore, and they’re well-fit."

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