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Southern Tier Hearing Services: Vestal, Owego, and Johnson City, NY

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With over 10 years of experience, Dr. David Glaser is here to not only improve your hearing but improve your life. His main goal is providing services to hearing impaired individuals in order to greater their quality of life. While he provides hearing aids and other hearing devices to his patients, he also makes sure to stay ahead of the times with technology such as bluetooth hearing aids that can work with your iPhone. Call Dr. Glaser today to schedule an appointment!

What is the Role of an Audiologist?

The audiologist's role is both a clinical one and a counseling one. Your audiologist will conduct a number of tests to evaluate your hearing and determine if your hearing loss can be addressed with hearing instruments.

You will also talk about your lifestyle — if you work or go to school, how you spend your leisure time and many other considerations — to help determine the best hearing devices for your needs. Your audiologist may also provide counseling to your family members to show them how to communicate more effectively with you.

Choosing your hearing instruments?

Your audiologist will then test how well different hearing aids work for you. Several hearing instruments or several different settings on one hearing instrument may be evaluated to see which hearing instrument(s) are best for you. You may also look at different shapes and styles of hearing instruments.

Your audiologist will show you how to care for your hearing instruments and, if applicable, how to adjust them to your different hearing environments. Consumers who purchase hearing instruments in New York state have a 45-day trial period, giving you time to get accustomed to the the hearing instruments. This time period also gives the audiologist an opportunity to fine tune the hearing instruments as needed.

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